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September 30,2016 | Vol. 3
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CAAS Advances Partnership with CIMMYT and IRRI

Prof. Li Jiayang, Vice Agricultural Minister and President of CAAS, met with Director Generals of CIMMYT and IRRI respectively on August 15-16 in Beijing, at events concurrent with the 7th International Crop Science Congress. CAAS discussed with the said parties on further strengthening bilateral relations in certain research areas, while also signed MoU with IRRI on “Rice Genomics and Germplasm Enhancement”. Vice president of CAAS, Prof. Wu Kongming attended the meetings.

At the meeting with Dr. Martin Kropff, DG of CIMMYT, Li highly valued the collaborative achievements in the past 4 decades. “The collaboration between CAAS and CIMMYT have placed great progress in terms of germplasm exchange, new varieties’ breeding, and capacity building, etc., which greatly promoted the improvement of wheat and maize germplasm resources in China. ” Prof. Li said, “I hope the two parties to push forward the “MoA-CIMMYT Joint Research Lab” further, while keep deepening and broadening this partnership. I also propose to promote the scientific collaboration between China and African countries within the network of CIMMYT in Africa, so as to contribute to Africa as well as the rest developing in the world in ensuring food security.

Dr. Kropff agreed with Prof. Li’s proposal, he stated their plan on making a further study of the joint lab, and also invited CAAS to involve in CIMMYT’s research work in Africa, for jointly promote the research and extension of maize and other crops in Africa.

During the discussion with Dr. Morell, DG of IRRI, Li stressed that the partnership with IRRI is a good model of Chinese international collaboration in the area of agricultural scientific research. “The existing partnership has greatly benefitted Chinese rice research and production through various modalities. It is of significant importance to bring together advanced technologies and genetic diversity research to address climate change. The CAAS-IRRI MoU allows us to have a specific framework of working areas including advanced breeding methods, new germsplasm and pre-breeding lines and elite breeding materials, etc., I hope the both parties to work closely under this framework, thus to meet the needs of agricultural development across the rice-growing world.” Prof. Li said.

Dr. Morell expressed that as the highest international rice research institute, IRRI is keen to contribute to world rice production and supply. This MoU places a nice platform for not only IRRI and China, but will links other nations relying on rice growing. He believes the elaborate collaboration will have far-reaching potential on casting a positive influence for global food security.