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Institute of Special Animal and Plant Sciences (ISAPS, CAAS)

Institute of special animal and plant of sciences (ISAPS) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was originally founded in 1956, which is the only national institute on conservation and utilization of wildlife in China. Now, ISAPS is composed of two parts: Zuojia Experimental Base stands on the beautiful Zuojia Town, Jilin Province; its area is 56.81 square kilometers, of which 78 percent are forest. Changchun Research Centre is located in Jingyue District, Changchun City, the area is 14 hectare, 26,000 square meters of which is for research, 22,000 square meters for technology transfer company.

Study Content and Direction

ISAPS’s main objects of research are rare and special valuable plants and animals. Its main content of study is to protect and utilize these plants and animals, and to uphold the idea of domestic-feeding technology based on the fundamental research. At same time, it strengthens the study on intensive processing and comprehensive exploitation of the specialties.

Scientific Achievements

The new breed:
Yellow Fruit Panax Ginseng

ISAPS now has 372 researchers out of total staff of 501. Among them, 71 senior scientists, 53 hold a doctorial degree and 116 hold a master degree. There are 9 research units in the institute, they specialize in the following scientific areas: Special Economic Animals, Medicinal Plants, Wild fruit tree, Special Animal and Plant Economy, Quality Supervision and Testing, Economic Animal Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Drug Research and Development, Product Processing and Special Economic Animal Molecular Biology. In addition, it also has 19 research centres and 3 mainstay industry.

There are 100 graduate students studying in the Institute towards their doctorial and master degrees in the fields of Biotechnology, Thremmatology of Special Economic Animals; Science of Medicinal Plant Resources; Preventive Veterinary Medicine;Wildlife Conservation and Utilization as well as Processing and Preservation of Agricultural Products.
Vaccines for Furanimal

ISAPS has established international relationships in exchange for cooperation with the scientific research institutions and colleges in New Zealand, South Korea, America, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Australia, Russia, North Korea, etc. Since its establishment, ISAPS has undertaken 490 research projects, resulting in 310 scientific research advances of various kinds of which 196 won awards and 72% were translated into practical applications. Moreover, the institution has trained nearly 200,000 farmers for special animals feeding technologies and economic plants cultivation technologies.

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