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Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute (ZFRI, CAAS)

The Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute (ZFRI) is a national research institute studying deciduous fruit and some cucurbits (watermelon and melon). ZFRI focuses its research on fruit genetics and breeding, cultivation, integrated pest management, postharvest research, and fruit quality and safety inspection.

ZFRI now has 206 staff members, among which 60 are senior researchers. As a training base , it offers three doctoral and four master’s programs, enrolling more than 50 students totally.

The institute comprises 170 hectares of experimental fields and 15,000 m2 of shared scientific laboratory space equipped with state-of-the-art instruments. ZFRI’s affiliated research facilities include the National Grape and Peach Repository (Zhengzhou), the National Watermelon and Melon Gene Bank, the National Fruit and Cucurbits Improvement Center, the Key Laboratory of MOA for Fruit Breeding Technology, and the Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Testing Center of MOA for Fruit and Nursery Stock (Zhengzhou). ZFRI is also the host institute for the Professional Committee of Watermelon and Muskmelon under the Chinese Society for Horticultural Sciences, the Peach Branch of the Chinese Society for Horticultural Sciences, and the National Association for Watermelon and Muskmelon.

The mission of ZFRI is to Solve the problems in the production of fruit and melon. In recent years, nearly 185 achievements of scientific research are awarded, including 9 national prizes, 70 provincial and ministerial prizes. ZFRI preserves more than 7,000 accessions of fruit and cucurbits germplasm and is the biggest fruit conservation center in China. It has released more than 130 fruit and cucurbits varieties. The peach varieties alone now occupy about 20% of the peach planting areas in China. Moreover, the early ripening apple and pear varieties and the red orient pear varieties are the leading fruits cultivated in China, while the disease-resistant diploid and polyploid watermelon and melon varieties are popular with consumers. In addition, the institute’s researchers have developed a series of modern cultivation models that are widely used in China. For example, some of ZFRI’s cultivation technologies are now used for fruit production and cultivation in greenhouses. These advances have greatly supported and promoted the development of the fruit and cucurbits industry in China.(update to 2013-10-28)

China National Germplasm Resources Repository of Grape and Peach

Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute
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