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Tea Research Institute (TRI)


The Tea Research Institute (TRI) was established in September 1958, affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences (CAAS). It is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. As the only comprehensive national research institution of public service specializing in Chinese tea industry, and also one of the worldwide known institutions focusing on tea plant (Camellia sinensis) research including tea germplasm, tea breeding, tea cultivation, tea processing and manufactory, tea quality assessment and safety supervision, tea economy and culture, TRI is playing a leading role in the research field of Chinese tea industry.

The objects of TRI are: tackle the hot scientific and technical issues and the difficult problems in tea plant research; meet the major demands of the country, society and industry on the national level and aim at supporting, guiding and promoting sustainable development of tea industry; take the leading role in China and turn into the comprehensive and well-known international institute in the field.

We have a team of highly educated and energetic tea research scientists. There are currently 161 staff members totally, including 1 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 57 professors and associate professors, 2 national-level outstanding scientific and technological experts, 4 experts with outstanding contributions. A total of 60 postgraduate students were supervised by 29 professors and associate professors.

We attach much importance to scientific innovation and building of bases as well as platforms. Since its foundation, the institute has undertaken more than 670 key projects such as the National Key Technologies R & D Program,the National Natural Science Foundation and the Industry Special Fund etc. Besides, we have got approvals to construct the National Engineering and Technology Research Center of Tea Industry, the National Tea Improvement Center, the National Tea Germplasm Nursery (Hangzhou), the Tea Research & Development Center of CAAS, the Tea Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, etc.

To keep pace with expanding research outputs, we pay great attention to the rapid optimization of scientific achievements. Over these years, 8 national and 3 local tea varieties have been released. And more than 2950 papers have been published, including 100 SCI papers. A total of 44 patents are authorized, including 28 invention patents. Over 100 books have been edited and published, and 77 international-, national- or industrial-level standards have been drafted, including Guidelines for the conduct of test for distinctness, uniformity and stability for tea (Camellia sinensis) for UPOV, and so on. So far, totally 106 national and provincial prizes including 13 national prizes have been awarded by the state or provincial government.

We lay much emphasis on the transformation of scientific achievements and have contributed much to the development of tea industry. Over the past 55 years, a great number of scientific achievements have come out of the labs, providing positive support to the development of Chinese tea industry. The new tea varieties such as Longjing 43, Longjing Changye, Zhongcha 102 and Zhongcha 108 have become popular in tea-producing regions in China. The innovative processing technologies have been succeeded in the large-scale production of low caffeine tea, ultra-micro green tea powder, instant tea, γ-GABA tea and fresh tea juice. The mechanical processing lines of elite tea have been widely applied in tea manufacture factories, by which the processing efficiency increased by 10-20 times and the cost decreased by 25%-50% comparing to traditional processing method. In addition, our scientists also voluntarily provide technical consultation and service for tea farmers. In the past a year, more than 4500 tea farmers were trained, more than 6000 free technical materials were delivered to tea farmers.  

Under the leadership of CAAS, we will further focus on the research of tea science, foster an active and innovative research team, obtain more innovative achievements, and take part in the development of Chinese tea industry deeply.

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