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Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science and Technology (IAPPST)

Source: Department of International Cooperation of CAAS

Authorized by the State Council, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Science and Technology, the Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science and Technology, CAAS was founded in December, 2003. Through 10 years’ development, this Institute has built a solid foundation in the aspects of discipline construction, research platform building, talents team formation, scientific project establishment, and international cooperation, etc. The Institute also has got a number of scientific achievements as well as made progress on agro-products processing industrial development. This Institute has started to step into a brand new stage of fast development and comprehensively construction of a first-class institute.

As the only national public welfare research institute on agro-products processing, the Institute carries on the responsibility of basic and application fundamental research, high-tech development, key technology study and products development; solving the fundamental, directional, national and strategic scientific issues in China’s agro-products processing. The Institute gives full play to leadership as the only national research institute on agro-products processing, to devote on scientific research and technology innovation, technologies’ transfer and application in industry, international cooperation, senior talents cultivation and industrial policy research, etc., to build the first class research institution in China and the world.

The Institute carries on the research responsibility of agro-products processing, safety and quality, which is one of the eight research areas of CAAS. At present, the Institute has 6 laboratories on Cereals and Oils Processing, Livestock Products Processing, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Traditional Food Processing and Food Processing Machinery, Preservation and Logistics, Agro-products Quality and Bio-safety Laboratory and Nutrition Health and Functional Food Research Center.

Besides these laboratories, this Institute has 3 research priorities, including Agro-Products Processing, Agro-Products Processing Quality and Safety, Nutrition and Functional Food. By the end of 2012, there are totally 152 staff work in the Institute, of which 132 are scientists, 3 enjoys the State Council allowance, 17 professors, 28 associate professors, and 63 with doctoral degree. The number of master students and PhD students reach 140.

The Institute organizes domestic scientific cooperation with research institutes, universities, and corporations through the platforms of Comprehensive Agro-products Processing Research Center, Comprehensive Agro-products Processing Research Center, National Agro-Products Processing Technology Research and Development System, and Agro-Products Processing Standardization Commission, MOA.

A number of international research cooperative platforms has been established in the Institute, such as China-Argentina Food Science Research Center. The Institute has also promoted the cooperation with research institutions of United States, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Australia and Japan.

The Institute attaches great importance to the output of major research results and the number of award-winning research results and patent authorizations/applications as well as the influence of published papers are growing over the years. Since the day of its establishment, the Institute, as the first author, has won 24 S&T awards of various types, applied for over 110 patents at the national level and received authorizations for 56 patents. It has also published 685 papers on S&T periodicals of various types and 87 of them have been included into SCI and EI. In 2012, the Institute won 9 S&T awards, applied for 31 patents at the national level an+d received authorization for 23 patents, verified 2 research results, and published 133 papers (32 of them are included into SCI and EI), with the maximum influence factor reaching 4.693.


Dr. Dai Xiaofeng, Director General

Dr. Dai Xiaofeng (third from the right): Director General
Dr. Wang Zhidong(second from the right): Deputy Director General, I/C Finance
Dr. Wang Qiang (third from the left): Deputy Director General, I/C Scientific Research
Dr. Wang Fengzhong (first from the left): Deputy Director General, I/C Technology Transfer
Dr. Zhao Junhui (second from the left):Deputy Director General, I/C Administration
Dr. Ha Yiming (first from the right): Assistant to Director General

• Cereals and Oils Processing
The group focuses the research on nutritional components, nutritional quality formation mechanism and control of cereal and oil processing, and the scientific theories, methods and technology system of cereal and oil quality formation during processing.

Chief Scientist 
Dr. Wang Qiang
Telephone: +86 10 6281 5837

• Meat Processing
The group focuses on the research of meat quality formation mechanism and control technology, traditional Chinese meat processing theory and technology, and high-valued utilization of animal bones and blood, etc.

Chief Scientist 
Dr. Zhang Dequan
Telephone: +86 10 6281 8740
Fax: +86 10 6289 5356

• Fruit and Vegetable Processing
The group focuses on the research of fruit and vegetable preservation quality variation mechanism and control technology, fruit and vegetable processing quality variation mechanism and control technology, and the high-valued utilization of by-products.

Chief Scientist 
Dr. Wang Zhidong
Telephone: +86 10 6281 5838

• Preservation and Control of harmful Organisms during Processing
The group focuses on the prevention and control of mycotoxigenic fungi and mycotoxin in Verticillium dahliae, Aspergillus flavus, etc.

Chief Scientist 
Dr. Dai Xiaofeng
Telephone: +86 10 6289 3566
Fax: +86 10 6289 5356

• Control of Chemical Hazards during Processing
The group researches on formation mechanism, migration and control of chemical hazards, the fundamental research as well as early warning technology of chemical hazards on agro-products processing.

Chief Scientist 
Dr. Liu Yang
Telephone: +86 10 62815874

• Nutrition and Functional Food
The group carries out the research of the exploration of functional components in agro-products, the foundation and mechanism of the genomics and the steady factor of the functional component.

Chief Scientist 
Dr. Wang Fengzhong
Telephone: +86 10 6281 5977
E-mail: wangfengzhong@sina.com

• Bio-manufacturing and Food Engineering
The group focuses on the biomass directed enzymolysis and transformation, targeting technology research and development on the food macromolecule of protein and polysaccharide, etc. They also develop new biobased food and materials.


National Key Laboratory of Agro-Products Processing, Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)

National Key Laboratory of Agro-Products Processing, MOA, represent the scientific innovation ability of agro-products processing in China, undertakes the responsibility of cultivation scientific talents, organizes domestic scientific research cooperation, carries out international collaboration and provides service on agro-products processing to the society.

National Pilot Plant on Agro-Product Processing, MOA

National pilot plant on agro-products processing, MOA constructed in the institute has 1200m2 building area, more than 120 sets of equipments, 10 pilot scale production lines. It has built engineering platforms on the research of grain and oil processing, vegetable and fruit processing, animal products processing, agro-products preservation, etc.

• National Risk Assessment Laboratory of Agro-products Processing Quality and Safety, MOA

The objective of the laboratory is risk assessment of hazards during agro-products storage, transportation, processing and packaging; to insure the quality and safety of agro-products and primary processed agro-products, to seek risk management of agro-products. Its development vision is to establish a national research platform for risk assessment and management of agro-products processing.


Doctoral Programs
  Agro-Products Processing Quality and Safety
  Agricultural Product Processing and Utilization
Graduate Programs
  Agro-Products Processing and Preservation
Food Science
  Engineering of cereal, oil and plant protein
  master degree on agriculture extension focusing on the Agro-Products Processing Quality and Safety
  Postdoctoral Research Station
  Agro-Products Processing Quality and Safety


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