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Agriculture Information Institute (AII)


Agricultural Information Institute (AII) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) is a national research institution. AII’s mission is to undertake scientific innovation in the field of agricultural information and to provide agricultural science-technology information services national wide. AII is also the national agricultural science-technology documentation center as being the National Agricultural Library.

AII has a history of more than 50 years through merging several independent institutions, which are the former Intelligence Institute (established in 1957), Library (established in 1957), Computer Application Center (established in 1981), and Agricultural macro-research center (established in 1992).

One key laboratory and two field observation stations are affiliated to AII, the key laboratory is Agricultural Information Service Technology Key Laboratory of Ministry of Agriculture, and the 2 field observation stations are CAAS field science observation station for information agriculture, CAAS field science observation station for digital document information service system. Meanwhile, AII is also the National Agricultural Science Data Sharing Center.

Now, AII has 20 divisions and 260 staff and is devoted itself into three major scientific research fields of ICT application in agriculture, agricultural information management and agricultural information analysis recently, especially in agricultural information resource building, information organization and digital library technology, agricultural knowledge management and service; agricultural data acquisition and virtual technology; digitalization technology of agricultural production management; agricultural intelligent control technology; agricultural information service technology; agricultural information monitoring and early warning; agricultural operational risks analysis and simulation and decision making of food safety.

Since its foundation, AII has gained over 80 national level and provincial/ministerial level research awards in ICT application, information management, information services, digital library, information research as well as agricultural macro-strategy research. The National Agricultural Library affiliated with AII has a collection of 2.1 million copies of books and journals. AII publishes 13 titles of periodicals. AII has already built up collaborative research partnerships with more than 40 foreign institutions and international organizations.