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Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development (IAED)


The Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development (IAED) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)was established in 1958.

IAED is the earliest non-profit national research institute specialized in agricultural economics and policy research in China. The main tasks of IAED are to develop research based policy recommendations for central and local governments and provide consultative service for agricultural enterprises. The Institute studies the issues concerning agriculture and rural economy development strategy, agrotechnical economics, distribution of agricultural products and international trade, rural energy resources and environmental economics, food safety policy, rural poverty, policies of agricultural science and extension of agricultural techniques, agricultural modernization, regional development, and development strategy of agricultural enterprise and so on. IAED also provides training for senior experts on agricultural economics, organizes domestic and international cooperation and exchange, and publishes two national journals, Issues in Agricultural Economics and Journal of Agro-technical Economics. IAED is a house for a national agricultural research information center with two academic associations, Chinese Association of Agricultural Economics and Chinese Association of Agro-Technical Economics.

The IAED is striving for innovations in agricultural public policy theory and methodologies of agricultural and resource economics. The Institute emphasizes the collection and analysis of primary data, conducts researches on the frontier of international agricultural economics fields, takes a demand driven approach, and builds a platform to promote the construction of a well-off rural society. The goal of IAED is to become a national innovation center, an international cooperation-center of agricultural economics and policy as well as an internationally-known non-profit research institution in agricultural economics and policy.

At present, IAED has three administrative offices, eight research divisions, three research centers, and one publisher.
The three offices are
General Administration Office,
Research Management Office and
Personnel Office.

The eight Divisions are:
  • Division of Agricultural Policy,
  • Division of Agro-technical Economics,
  • Division of Industrial Economics - Animal Husbandry Economics,
  • Division of Industrial Economics – Planting Industrial Economics,
  • Division of Rural Development,
  • Division of Agricultural Resources and Environmental Economics,
  • Division of Modern Agriculture and
  • Division of International Agricultural Economics and Trade.
The three research centers are
  • Center for Agroproduct Safety and Security Policy,
  • International Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, and
  • the Center for Cross-Strait Agriculture. The one publisher is Issues in
  • Agricultural Economics.

By the end of 2013, there are 96 staff members, including 27 senior researchers (professors or senior editors), 30 associate senior researchers, 29 midranked researchers, 5 junior researchers and 5 others. 58 of staff hold Ph.D. degrees and 11 hold master degrees. 12 staff also enjoy special allowances from the Governments for recognizing their special contribution to the research.