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Feed Research Institute (FRI)


The Feed Research Institute (FRI) is a national research institute devoted to feed sciences with a focus on feed resource development and utilization, feed and animal product safety, ecological environment safety, and animal product quality. Researchers at FRI investigate all facets of the feed industry, but mainly focus on feed biotechnology, biochemical engineering and extraction, animal nutrition and feed science, feed processing technology, feed testing and safety evaluation, and feed economy and information.

FRI has developed many high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights and actively promotes new scientific technologies in its main research areas. It has established a research and development platform for feed enzymes and has developed environmentally friendly feed additives. Moreover, the institute has made cutting-edge breakthroughs in calf and lamb early weaning technology, technology for healthy feeding of egg layers and more efficient egg production, the efficient use of alternative protein ingredients in aquatic feeds, healthy feeding technology for broilers, and starter feed formulation technology.

Researchers have also made significant progress in aquatic animal micro-diet feed manufacturing, feed processing code, and quality tracing systems as well as early warning and rapid testing technology for animal feed quality.

The institute has more than 10 national or ministerial scientific technology innovation laboratories, including the National Engineering Research Center of Bio-Feed Development and the National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center. FRI is the leading institute for the National Feed Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. FRI has a pilot base in a suburb of Beijing which covers an area of nearly 6.6 hectares.

FRI has received 5 national and 28 provincial/ministerial awards. The institute has also possess 5 new national class-II veterinary drugs and holds over 100 patents. In addition, FRI researchers have published more than 300 papers that are listed in the Science Citation Index, and have published 90 books.

Pilot base in the suburb of Beijing

1 Research highlights of the Institute
• Production technology and high expression technique of feed enzymes-- phytase, glucanase, xylanase, mannase, and α-galactosidase; • Environment-friendly feed additives like xylo-oligosaccharide, cello-oligosaccharide and arabin-oligosaccharide; • Layer healthy feeding and functional chicken egg production technology; • Milk replacer for calves and lambs; • Efficient use of alternative protein ingredients in aquatic feeds; • Micro-ecological Preparation for Feed Usage; • Preparation of highly immunized yolk antibodies powder; • Application of Chinese herbal medicine as feed additive; • Aquatic animal microdiet feed manufacturing; • Feed processing code and quality tracing system as well as early warning and quick test technology of animal feed quality; • Production of various feeds for livestock and aquatic animals; • Manufacture technique to enhance the feed efficiency.
2 Other Concerns of the Institute
• To provide feed economy information through feed industry policy and development strategy suggestion and feed market prediction and    
  analyses; • To provide instruction for feed enterprises on investment management and competition strategy; • To maintain a central laboratory providing support for scientists to pursue their research and provide a platform for analysis and research; • To educate personnel by accepting visiting scientists and graduate students enrolled in MSc and PhD programs; • To organize technical symposiums and training courses; • To train technicians for the industry.
Main Building of the FRI

Ms: Zhao Lihua
Address: 12, Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing, P.R. China 100081
Tel: 86-10-82106056
Fax: 86-10-82106054
Email: zhaolihua@caas.cn