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Poultry Institute (PI)


Poultry Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (PI-CAAS), also known as Jiangsu Institute of Poultry Sciences, was founded in 1959 as a non-profit and public research institution. It is located in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province, and it owns a total area of 700,000 m2 (including 20,000 m2 of laboratories and 150,000 m2 of experimental facility) and more than 400 laboratory equipments worthy about 100 million Yuan (RMB). PI-CAAS owns the assets of nearly 400 million Yuan (RMB). PI-CAAS is mainly engaged in poultry genetic resources conservation, poultry breeding and reproduction, poultry breed performance evaluation and inspection, prevention and treatment for major diseases of poultry, poultry industry information service and decision-making consulting, etc.

PI-CAAS has 126 faculty and staff, including 22 professors and 22 associate professors. The PI-CAAS employs a number of national well-known experts in the field, including extension specialists in broiler system and layer system, and a specialist in the broiler integrated test station. Three professors receive special government allowance. There are five young outstanding experts recognized at the provincial level. Six experts are sponsored by “Six Top Talents of Jiangsu Province” and 15 are top candidates of the provincial “333 Project”. Several experts hold the positions of the presidents and general secretaries in national academies and associations. The institute is chairman unit of the State and Provincial Poultry Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and is affiliated to Poultry Science Association Secretariat of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine.

Over the past years, PI-CAAS has distinguished itself in nine major research areas: poultry breeds and genetic resources conservation, poultry breeding, biotechnology, quality security, poultry disease prevention and treatment, bio-safety, information engineering, feed nutrition and waterfowl breeding. PI-CAAS has more than 70 research projects, providing scientific support for the development of domestic poultry industry. Up to 2013, more than 100 national, provincial science and technology achievements were awarded, 13 patents were obtained, and 18 national and industry standards and 29 local standards were generated. The institute has bred 8 pure poultry line (line cross) certificated by either nation or Jiangsu province.

PI-CAAS owns 14 national, provincial scientific research platforms, which are “National Chicken Genetic Resources (Jiangsu)”, “Laboratory of Poultry Products Quality Safety Risk Assessment, Ministry of Agriculture”, ”Quality and Security Inspection Centre for Poultry Breeders, Ministry of Agriculture”, “Supervision, Inspection & Testing Centre for Poultry Quality(Yangzhou), Ministry of Agriculture”, “National Determination Station for Poultry Performance”, “Feed and Feed Additive Efficacy Trials Agency, Ministry of Agriculture”, “Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Poultry Genetics & Breeding”, “Poultry Breeding Centre of Jiangsu Province”, “Poultry Health Pharmaceuticals Engineering Research Centre of Jiangsu Province”, “China Information Centre for Poultry”, “China Poultry” magazine, “Guide to Chinese Poultry” magazine, “China Poultry Information Net” and “China Domestic Animal Genetic Resources Dynamic Information Net”.

In recent years, PI-CAAS continues to strengthen international academic exchanges and collaboration with many universities and agricultural research institutes in the United States, Netherland, Russia and other countries in promoting poultry resources conservation, disease-resistant breeding, and molecular biology technology, etc..

PI-CAAS emphasizes the importance on the translational research for agriculture, rural areas and peasants. A long-term cooperative relationship with large-scale poultry enterprises has been established, and 20 research stations have been used to promote new technology development through extension, breeding training, technology services, technical exchanges and other activities. In addition, the institute actively participates in “Farmers Enriching Project” in Jiangsu province and “Jiangsu Rural Science and Technology Service Supermarket Construction” and provides technical support for scientific and technological progress in the rural area.