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Project kick-off meeting of Evaluation and risk assessment of combined toxic effects of mixed pollutants in fresh food held in Beijing

Source: Institute of Quality Standards and Testing Technology for Agro-Products

On March 1, 2019, a project of National key research and development program entitled 'Evaluation and risk assessment of combined toxic effects of mixed pollutants in fresh food' was kicked off in Beijing. Over 50 people attended the kick-off meeting, including government officials, project researchers and consultant experts.


Considering the issues of multiple pollutants residue in fresh food such as pesticide cocktail effect, the project focuses on elucidating the combined toxicological effects and interaction mechanism of typical combined pollutants through establishing the screening and monitoring techniques based on sensitive targets of combined toxicological effect, and multi-group characterization and multi-scale toxicological analysis techniques. This project will also establish mixed pollution risk assessment model which could help to assess the risk of important pesticide and veterinary drug residues in major fresh fruits, vegetables and animal products. Through this project, researchers hope to provide key technologies and scientific basis for standard development and risk management in China.


Mr. DENG Xiaoming, Deputy Director-General of Department of Science and Technology for Social Development, Ministry of Science and Technology, highlighted the importance of quality and safety management of fresh food and agro-products and the challenges; he encouraged researchers to make bold innovation and align scientific research with agricultural development and demands. An advisory panel composed of 11 well-known experts, including academician SHEN Jianzhong of China Agricultural University, chief technician WU Yongning of China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, chairman QIAO Xiongwu of Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues, and Professor LI Peiwu of Oil Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, provided important suggestions and opinions for researchers.


The project leader, Professor QIAN Yongzhong, said the kick-off meeting is very helpful for implementing the project, and will provide important bases for realizing the objectives of the project.


By Qiu Jing (qiujing@caas.cn)