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CAAS and FAO Assess the Effects of COVID-19 on China’s Agriculture

Source: Agricultural Information Institute

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) emerged in late 2019 and later became a global pandemic. China was the first to experience its effects, which presented a number of challenges to those vulnerable and linked to agriculture, such as farmers and the rural population in extreme poverty. Therefore, it is a matter of great concern for China and the world to understand the effects of COVID-19 on agriculture and rural livelihoods as well as the intermedial domino effect on food and market conditions.


The Agricultural Information Institute (AII), CAAS and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) are working closely together to assess the effects of COVID-19 on agriculture in China. FAO has initiated this collaboration with a project under its emergency assessment program in response to the pandemic. The project will assess both short-term and long-term impact of the pandemic on China’s agriculture through surveys of agricultural products, markets, and farmers, and measures will be instituted to mitigate the risk and impact of the pandemic on rural livelihoods and agricultural supply chains.


Kick-off consultations were recently held between FAO and AII experts to scientifically assess the effects of COVID-19 Cooperation and joint research between AII and FAO FAO on COVID-19 may enhance China’s ability to manage a similar crisis for agriculture in the future and provide an opportunity to cohesively portray China’s experiences to the world. This joint research is also one of the following-up actions to the newly signed MoU between CAAS and FAO last November.



By Wu Shu & Jin Shanshan