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Int'l Cooperation Update


AEPI and Agroscope set up “Joint Laboratory for Biodiversity and Ecological Agriculture”

Source: Agro-Environmental Protection Institute (AEPI)

On 10 May, “AEPI-Agroscope Joint Laboratory for Biodiversity and Ecological Agriculture” was successfully established in the Agro-Environmental Protection Institute (AEPI), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Prof. Eva Reinhard, CEO of Swiss Agroscope and Prof. Rongle Liu, Director General of AEPI, signed “Agreement between the AEPI and Agroscope on Establishing a Joint Laboratory for Biodiversity and Ecological Agriculture” and participated in the event.


Swiss Agroscope delegation visited AEPI


Prof. Rongle Liu emphasized the importance of the collaboration in the field of ecological agriculture in both countries. Prof. Eva Reinhard affirmed the achievements of AEPI. They all expressed the strong willingness to cooperate with each other on the common environment issues of both China and Switzerland. 


The Joint Laboratory for Biodiversity and Ecological Agriculture is based on the Innovation Team of Agrobiodiversity and Ecological Agriculture of AEPI. The aim of the lab is to take full advantage of resources from both institutes, to strengthen cooperation in the field of biodiversity and ecological agriculture, and manage to solve main environment problems in modern intensive agriculture. Scientists from both sides will cooperate in the areas of biodiversity indicators, functional biodiversity, ecosystem service modeling, sustainable nutrient utilization, assessment of eco-friendly technology, etc. Establishment of the Joint Laboratory will be a landmark of the international cooperation between AEPI and Agroscope. For AEPI, it will promote the development of scientific research, strengthen the training of talents, and improve the ability to support the Chinese agricultural environment industry.



Under the cooperation agreement of joint laboratory, as the only invited institute in China,AEPI will take part in the five-country transnational cooperation project “Scenarios for Agricultural Landscapes Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (SALBES)”.


Prof. Jorg Romeis, Dr. Ursula Aubert, Prof. Keqiang Zhang, Prof. Li Zhou, Prof. Dianlin Yang, and more than 40 scientists and students from AEPI, attended the event.


By Liu Wenjing (liuwj_jane@126.com)