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Governor of Tasmania Will Hodgman MP Visits CAAS

Source: Department of International Cooperation

2018-10-22 11:21

A delegation, led by Will Hodgman MP, Governor of Tasmania, Australia, visited the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) on September 11st, 2018. Dr. Tang Huajun, President of the CAAS, met with the delegation. Dr. Mei Xurong, Vice President of the CAAS, attended the events.

Dr. Tang Huajun expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Will Hodgman and his delegation, and pointed out that China and Australia have had close exchanges and cooperation in agricultural sector, and China and Tasmania have been keeping increasing agricultural science & technology cooperation. He suggested that both sides should further enhance the exchanges and cooperation in terms of mechanisms, technology and personnel so as to promote their joint development in sustainable agricultural fields.

Dr. Mei Xurong introduced that CAAS has done plenty of promotional work for the bilateral cooperation after Dr. Tang Huajun visited Tasmania in November 2017. According to Mr. Mei Xurong, based on the MOUs signed by Dr. Tang Huajun with NRM South and the University of Tasmania, and the consensus made by both sides on the “First China-Australia Sustainable Agricultural Technology Forum”, CAAS has actively planned the list of preferred cooperative projects with the relevant agencies of Tasmania and collected funds from all potential channels by taking the above agreements as precious opportunities. It is expected that the cooperative projects between the relevant research institutes of CAAS and NRM South and the University of Tasmania will be selected and supported as priorities in 2019.

Mr. Will Hodgman expressed his gratitude to CAAS for attaching great importance to the agricultural technology cooperation between China and Tasmania, reiterating that the two sides have a profound friendship in agricultural cooperation and abundant complementarities in agriculture, developing the Chinese market is of great importance for the agricultural development and people of Tasmania. He thought highly of the suggestions proposed by CAAS for enhancing bilateral agricultural cooperation, expressing that he would spare no efforts to promote the bilateral technology cooperation in sustainable agricultural fields.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the National GeneBank, National Key Facility for Crop Gene Resources and Genetic Improvement, National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Park of CAAS. The leaders of the Department of International Cooperation, Department of Research Management, Department of Agricultural Technology Transfer, Institute of Crop Sciences, Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Institute of Animal Sciences, and Graduate School of CAAS also attended the meeting.

By Liu Yunqing