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Int'l Cooperation Update


CAAS’ Promotes Cooperation with International Agencies and European Countries in Agricultural Science and Technology

Source: Department of International Cooperation

2018-01-02 04:26

From November 10th to 19th, 2017, Prof. Wan Jianmin, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) along with the delegation he led, paid visits to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Wageningen University, the Spanish National Institute for Agriculture and Food Research and Technology (INIA) and University of Barcelona, in Austria, Holland and Spain respectively. The delegation exchanged views in-depth on cooperation in food and agricultural applications of nuclear technology, biotechnology, crop germplasm resources exchange, environment and animal waste disposal, and agricultural machinery. The effort successfully boosted the further cooperation between CAAS and international organizations and research institutions of Europe countries in relevant sectors.

In Austria, Prof. Wan held talks with Mr. Aldo Malavasi, IAEA Deputy Director General, also as Director of Nuclear Science and Applications Division. IAEA consulted CAAS to set up the CAAS-IAEA Collaborating Centre for Application of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture. Prof. Wan exchanged views with IAEA on the structure of the Collaborating Centre, qualification appraisal and plaque unveiling, as well as joint personnel training and cooperative research. He hoped that IAEA could positively promote the formal commencement of the Collaborating Centre, and continuously enhance cooperation and development of nuclear agronomy between the two sides so as to make new contributions to the cultivation of scientific research personnel in the fields of nuclear agronomy for member countries and to the peaceful utilization of atomic energy.

At Wageningen University, Prof. Wan exchanged views with the representatives from Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences and Graduate Programmes on research progress with regards to agricultural genomics, phenotypic research, food safety, agricultural machinery, biological control and recycling of animal wastes. At the same time, the two sides also exchanged views on co-building of Collaborating Centre, exchange of scientists, R&D Incubators, and the joint application of EU Horizon 2020 Programme. Both sides agreed that more efforts should be made to strengthen scientists exchanges and personnel training between Chinese and Dutch, and to enhance the operation and building of the existing Sino-Dutch International Collaborating Centre (Research Centers).

In Spain, Prof. Wan met with Mr. Josep Monfort, President of the INIA. The two sides agreed to continue their cooperation and research in animal and plant genetics and breeding, livestock production and health, crop breeding and cultivation, agricultural biotechnology, agricultural products processing, environmental protection, food security and quality testing as well as agricultural machinery. They also touched upon further communication and coordination in sectors of global concern such as food security, climate change and sustainable development, particularly in enhancing efforts in joint applying for international scientific and technological programmes in plant genetics, organic waste utilization and environmental protection, and agricultural products processing. At the University of Barcelona in Spain, Prof. Wan exchanged views with University of Barcelona on the development and progress of both sides and the memorandum renewal of cooperation for the next year.

Relevant personnel from CAAS’ Department of International Cooperation, Institute of Crop Sciences, Biotechnology Research Institute, and Agro-Environmental Protection Institute of MOA and Nanjing Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization of MOA, accompanied the visit.

By Chen Tianjin