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CAAS Vice President Prof. Wan Jianmin Meets with Delegation of DowDuPont

Source: Department of International Cooperation

2017-11-22 03:58

Prof. Wan Jianmin, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) met with the delegation of DowDuPont on November 8th, 2017, and exchanged views with Neal Gutterson, President of global R&D of the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, on strengthening bilateral cooperation.

Prof. Wan gave a general introduction of CAAS and its latest development before reviewing its cooperation with the former Dow and Dupont Pioneer. He noted that CAAS has established good partnership with several international agricultural corporations, especially the former Dow and Dupont Pioneer, with which CAAS has conducted extensive and fruitful collaboration in the fields of scientific research, scholarship programs and academic exchanges. He expected the merged DowDuPont to maintain good partnership and deepen collaboration with related institutes of CAAS by positively extending the collaboration to other sectors, like cultivation of crop varieties, efficient use of agricultural resources and improvement of rice quality suitable for the Asian area, on the basis of making sustainable progress with current cooperative projects, for the end of making more contribution to global food and ecological security through bilateral cooperation.

Mr. Neal Gutterson briefly introduced the current business conditions and progress of the merged DowDuPont. He agreed with Prof. Wan Jianmin, expressing that the merged DowDuPont will keep close cooperation with CAAS as always and proposing extended collaboration in fields including cooperative programs, technical exchange and personnel communication.

After the meeting, the delegation of DowDuPont visited the building of Important Scientific Engineerings of Gene Resources and Gene Improvement of China’s Crops.

Also present at the meeting were Dr. Liu Chunming, Director of Institute of Crop Sciences of CAAS; and Dr. Zhang Huijie, Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation of CAAS.

By Han Bingjie