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FAO Assistant Director General visits IARRP/CAAS

Source: Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning

2017-09-27 04:35

On September 14th, 2017, Mr. René Castro, Assistant Director General of Climate, Biodiversity, Land and Water Department of FAO, visited the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning (IARRP) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), accompanied by Mr. Vincent Martin, Representative of FAO Representative Office in China, Mr. Zhang Zhongjun, Deputy Representative of FAO Representative Office in China, and Mr. Zhao Lijun, Deputy Division Chief of Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). Both sides expected to enhance cooperation on smart agriculture and other research fields under the MOA-FAO cooperation framework.

Dr. Zhou Qingbo, Director General of IARRP, extended his welcome to Mr. René Castro and his visiting delegation and briefly introduced the IARRP/CAAS. Researcher Wu Wenbin and Researcher He Ping of IARRP introduced the development of Smart Agriculture and ‘Nutrient Expert’ Decision Support System.


Dr. Jin Ke, Deputy Director General of IARRP,pointed out that FAO and MOA have scored remarkable achievements on promoting the Belt and Road Initiative. He stressed that by taking the opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative and the framework of South-South Cooperation, there was a great potential to establish a reference laboratory for deepening cooperation in the fields of smart agriculture, agricultural remote sensing, balanced fertilization, and soil, based on the advanced experimental facilities and high-level talents in IARRP.

Mr. René Castro expressed appreciation for achievements in Smart Agriculture and other research fields in IARRP. He noted that relations between CAAS and FAO have been under sound development, further worthwhile cooperation on stuff exchanges, project application and reference laboratory establishment were expected to be started immediately.

Mr. René Castro visited the Public Laboratory of IARRP and the Agricultural Culture Collection of China (ACCC), and also the demonstration of Smart Agriculture Car.

After the meeting, Prof. Wu Kongming, Vice President of CAAS, and Mr. Tang Shengyao, Deputy Director-General Department of International Cooperation of MOA, met with the delegation of Mr. René Castro.
By Zheng Jiang