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The Belt and Road Agritech Partnering Workshop for Vegetable Industries

Source: Agricultural Information Institute




The 19th Jiangsu International Agriexpo (Agriexpo 2017) is scheduled to be held through September 22nd to September 24th, 2017 in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. To facilitate technological cooperation and technology transfer and extension among the vegetable research communities, industries and governments along the Belt and Road countries, the Belt and Road Agritech Partnering Workshop for Vegetable Industries will be held in the afternoon of September 22nd, 2017 in Lianyungang, as a concurrent event with Agriexpo 2017.

The Workshop is initiated by the Center for International Agricultural Research of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CIAR,CAAS), co-organized by the Department of International Cooperation of CAAS, the National Exchange Center for Intellectual Property Rights of Technological Achievements in Seed Industry, National Service Center for Technology Transfer in Agriculture and the municipal government of Lianyungang.

Invited speakers to the workshop will share with the participants about the technological development and international trade for the vegetable industry of China, experiences and service provided for agro-business in ‘going global’, and introduce new varieties, new technology and new products with potential to be adopted in the belt and road countries.

Government officials, embassies, researchers and agro-businesses from the belt and road countries are sincerely welcomed to the Workshop.

Agriexpo 2017
Participants to this Workshop are also welcome to the Agriexpo 2017. Agro-business will have a chance to get a 3*3 exhibition space for free, depending on the number of vacant units when you submit the registration form.

The board and lodging and local transportation will be covered by the Workshop. Invited speakers will also get a reimbursement of their domestic intercity transportation up to 100%.

September 21st   Participants arrive in Lianyungang
September 22nd  Belt and Road Agritech Partnering Workshop for Vegetable Industries
September 23rd   Field trip

Please kindly fill in the attached registration forms for the Workshop and send them to ciar@caas.cn before September 8th, 2017.

Please write an e-mail to wangjing01@caas.cn if you have any questions.



By Wang Jing