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2017 Recruitment of Academy of Food Science and Nutrition Innovation Research in Hefei, CAAS

Source: Academy of Food Science and Nutrition Innovation Research

Academy of Food Science and Nutrition Innovation Research in Hefei (AFSNIRH), CAAS is a “Province-Ministry, Municipality-Academy Co-construction key project” supported by Anhui provincial government, Ministry of Agriculture, Hefei municipal government and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. HFSNIRC is the platform for strategic emerging industry and innovative development. The Academy creates a public service platform for the society, builds a R&D leading scientific research and industrial development cluster, solves the key problems in food science, nutrition and health in social and economic development, and constructs an incubation base for food technology and entrepreneurship. The Academy is the high-end oriented, international food research and technology transfer center, processing center, inspection and certification center, products demonstration and promotion center, aims to be a world-leading food science, nutrition and health public service platform, R&D platform, industrial development platform and talents development platform.

 For further development, AFSNIRH will recruit staffs from home and abroad.
1.Research Areas
Scientific research and development, agro-products engineering and equipment manufacturing, marketing, and management.
Position vacancy: 100

2.Position Requirements
(1) Devote to scientific research, physically and mentally healthy, good team worker;
(2) Related work experience (more than 3 years work experience in companies is especially welcomed);
(3) With good ability of independent work.

3.Work Duties
(1) R&D staff: nutritional and healthy food research, food nutrition research, food engineering operation design, neo products development, familiar with food processing technology and related laws and regulations. Create key processing equipment and automatic control system according to the food processing technology. Design the food processing procedure in plant according to the type of products and production scale. Dispose industrial production line based on the equipments.
(2) Marketing staff: analyze the market capacity and composition trend through investigating consumers and markets. Promote the products, technologies and equipments in the market.
(3) Management staff: human resources, financial and fixed assets management.

4.Work Location
Hechao Economic Development Zone (participate 2017 career training in Institute of Food Science and Technology, CAAS)

Salary is negotiable. Salary is related to the personal performance and achievements. Social insurance will be according to the regulations and laws in Hefei.

(1) Fill the “Application Form”;
(2)  Copies of ID card, academic certificates and related materials.

Send emails to zhbgs5109@126.com
Contact person: Huang Lulu
Tel: 010-62893880

Annex : Application Form