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September 30,2018 |
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CAAS Held Workshop on “International Mega Programme-Lessons to Learn”

From June 25th to June 26th, 2018, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) held a Workshop on “International Mega Programme-Lessons to Learn” in Beijing. Dr. Tang Huajun, President of the CAAS, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The opening ceremony of the meeting was presided by Dr. Wu Kongming, Vice President of the CAAS.

Dr. Tang Huajun pointed out that with China’s agricultural development stepping into a new stage, agricultural S&T plays a more and more significant role in satisfying the people’s constantly-increasing demands on food consumption, promoting rural revitalization, regional balance and agricultural sustainable development, as well as promoting international agri-food trade development, etc., all of which required the collective intelligence contribution of the globe. The worldwide development of S&T innovation is showing the new trend of grouping and integrating, at the same time, mega science and large-scale cooperation had become the new growth point of S&T innovation. CAAS always persists in planning and driving agricultural S&T innovation at the global perspectives, and has actively joined a great number of international mega programmes and accumulated precious experience. Having invited the principals of many international mega programmes, this meeting aims at learning experience, proposing suggestions, exploring mechanism, and further enhancing the capability of launching Mega Programme by CAAS.


The meeting invited 17 principals of international mega research programmes from foreign national institutions and international organizations, including the United Kingdom, French, Brazil, Australia and European Union, CGIAR, CABI, etc., Introduction to the relevant programme background, administrative mechanism and evaluation system was delivered during the meeting, suggestions to cooperate with China was made as well; 14 chief scientists of Chinese groups commented on Mega Programme implementation. Domestic and overseas representatives had conducted in-depth discussions upon relevant programme goals, cooperation mechanism and talent exchanges at the meeting.

After the meeting, part of the foreign experts field-visited new crops ribbon intercropping pattern, crop phonemics, large-scale research platform of insects’ migratory flight, farmers’ cooperative of wheat production and processing. Furthermore, a series of cooperative consensuses was reached during this session.