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September 30,2018 |
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Tajikistan Parliament Delegation Visits CAAS

On August 24th, 2018, Mr. Zhang Hecheng, Secretary of Leading Party Group of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), met with Mr. Salimzoda Olim, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower Chamber of the Tajikistan Parliament, and his delegation with the company of Ms. Cheng Jin, Inspector of the General Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of CPPCC. Mr. Li Jinxiang, Vice President of the CAAS attended the meeting.

Mr. Zhang Hecheng welcomed the delegation and introduced the latest development of the CAAS. He said that China, as a large agricultural country with vast rural area and a high rural population, attaches great importance to the development of agriculture and rural areas. China aims to enter a comprehensive well-off society by 2020, and is implementing Strategy for Tackling Poverty and the Rural Revitalization Strategy. CAAS, as a state-level agricultural research team, has shouldered important tasks in safeguarding national food security, winning the combat against poverty, assisting the rural revitalization, and promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and has been providing solid scientific and technological support to the implementation of the national strategies. Tajikistan, as a important country along the “Belt and Road” and an important member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, has maintained good relationship with China in terms of agricultural science and technology. July this year, a delegation led by CAAS President Tang Huajun visited Tajikistan and signed a memorandum of understanding on the cooperation in agricultural science and technology with the Tajikistan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which would further promoted the cooperation between the two countries in agricultural science and technology. Based on the memorandum of understanding, both parties could promote the cooperation and exchanges in the fields of cotton, strengthen mutual visits of scientists and talent training and deepen the cooperation in apples and other fruit trees.

Agreeing with Mr. Zhang Hecheng’s opinions, Mr. Salimzoda Olim said that Tajikistan is an agricultural country with favorable natural conditions for the growth of various crops, like grain crops, fruit trees and vegetables. Since both parties have a good foundation of cooperation in agriculture and science and technology, Tajikistan is willing to learn the advanced experience of China and carry out extensive cooperation with China in agricultural science and technology, especially in fields like cotton variety breeding and cultivating technologies processing.