March 31,2017 | Vol. 1
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Ten CAAS scientists enter the list of Elsevier's 2016 Most Cited Chinese Researchers

10 Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) scientists were placed as the 2016 Most Cited Chinese Researchers by Elsevier’s newly released list, in which totally 1776 Chinese researchers were recognized with global influence. CAAS tops the Chinese agricultural research institutions in terms of exposure in the list.

Prof. Chen Hualan, from Harbin Veterinary Research Institute (HVRI), Prof.Tong Guanzhi and Prof. Li Zejun from Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute (SHVRI) were recognized as the most cited researchers in Immunology and Microbiology; Prof./Academician Wu Kongming and Prof./Academician Wan Jianmin, Prof. Li Zhikang, Prof.He Zhonghu, Prof. Jia Jizeng from Institute of Crop Sciences (ICS) were listed among the most cited researchers in agricultural and biological sciences; Prof. Zhu Xingquan and Prof. Hu Dinghuan were among the most cited researchers in veterinary science and social science respectively.

Research data of Elsevier 2016 List of the Most Cited Chinese Researchers come from the Scopus database under Elsevier. The database is the globally largest one of peer reviewing’s academic abstract index and provides massive data of literature, authors and research institutions related to research activities.

Early this year, 3 CAAS scientists were included in 2016 Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers. The exposure of CAAS scientists on these world-class academic rankings signifies their global influence and outstanding contribution to their research areas.