December 31,2016 | Vol. 4
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DDG of BIOMA Meets with Chinese Ambassador in Mauritania

On October 14. 2016, Deputy Director General of Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture (BIOMA), Dr. Hu Guoquan met with Ambassador Wu Dong, the Chinese Embassy in Mauritania. Dr. Hu introduced and highly valued the 2016 Training Course on Biogas Utilization in Mauritania and expressed gratitude to Ambassador Wu and the Mauritanian Husbandry Technology Demonstration Center for their support to this training course.

Dr. Hu said that BIOMA attached great importance to this training course and sent an experienced faculty team to Mauritania to implement this program. Under the concerted efforts of different parts, this training course has proceeded smoothly and received positive feedback from participants. The training course lasts for 56 days, including theory presentations and practical training. It aims to help participants to master the technology and establish a foundation for the future application of biogas technology in Mauritania. Hu hoped the training can help with the hygiene and energy problems of Mauritania and raise its people’s living standards.

Ambassador Wu highly praised this training course and said that it has great significance in promoting the technological exchanges between China and Mauritania. He hoped that biogas technology can be promoted to Mauritania and serve the people there through the implementation of this training.