September 30,2016 | Vol. 3


CAAS hosts “International Symposium on Agroecology for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems” in Kunming

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) jointly organized the “International Symposium on Agroecology for Sustainable Agriculture and Food systems” on August 29-31, 2016, which is co-hosted by Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, with the support of the Government of France.
Agroecology is vital for the sustainability of agriculture and is increasingly receiving attention worldwide. The symposium attracted 200 stakeholders from academia, policy and civil society from across Asia as well as Europe and North America to promote dialogue around the scientific basis and the experiences of implementing agroecology in Asia and China. “Agroecology is based on the 3 pillars of sustainable development, which is aligned with FAO’s Common Vision for sustainable food and agriculture and contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more >>

Research Update

National Released New Variety Zhongmai 1062 Reaps a Bumper Harvest

The large scale demonstration of Zhongmai 1062 in Hebei province shows great potential of molecular breeding in variety development. On 8th June 2016, Sun Haoqin, the Party Secretary of Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhao Guangpeng, Deputy Mayor of Gaobeidian City of Hebei Province, and over 30 experts and enterprise representatives from Tianjin, Baoding, Tangshan, Cangzhou, and Langfang, attended the field day of Zhongmai 1062 in Gaobeidian.
Forty ha. of Zhongmai 1062 with outstanding performance were about to harvest in Songyuchi demonstration base in Gaobeidian. According to the researchers, with only two irrigations, the variety showed big and plenty of ears, with a plant height of 75 cm, and the predicted yield per ha. reached 8.4 tonnes. Read more >>

Research achieves fruitful result—Atailing topped the list of the best-selling biopesticides in China in 2015

China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) held a grand conference, for the analysis of economic operation and the release of the pesticide list in the industry in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, on 11 May, 2016. Directed at the unceasing reform and transition of the pesticide industry, this conference analyzed and forecasted the development of the industry based on the overall background and individual links. The conference also released the lists for top 100 pesticide sales enterprises, top 50 formulation sales enterprises and big sales for solo formulations. The conference commended the outstanding statistical workers in pesticide enterprises and the excellent correspondents in pesticide industry.Read more >>

Two New Flat Peach Varieties ‘Zhongpantao 10’and ‘Zhongpantao 11’ are Authorized

Recently, two flat peach varieties ‘Zhongpantao10’and ‘Zhongpantao 11’ ,developed by Lirong Wang’s peach genetics and breeding team of Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences have been authorized by the Office of the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. Flat peach (Prunus persica) is a kind of Chinese traditional favorite fruit. However, some defaults in production such as splitting stone, thin skin, soft flesh and short shelf life limit the flat peach to develop in large-scale for a long time. Fast and further development in peach industry and the consumer driven diversified market dramatically increased the demand for peach with special fruit shape, bringing flat peaches good prospect. Read more >>

New Nectarine Varieties ‘CN13’ and ‘CN15’ are Granted Variety Protection by MOA

‘CN13’ and ‘CN15’, two new nectarine varieties developed by the peach breeding team led by Professor Wang Zhiqiang from Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute of CAAS has granted plant variety protection byMinistry of Agriculture.
‘CN13’ is a white flesh table-nectarine variety, with round shape and average ripening date in late June in Zhengzhou. The ground color of fruit skin is cream white with bright red blush. The average fruit weight for ‘CN13’ is 201g, and the big fruit can weight over 300g. The clingstone, melting flesh of ‘CN13’ have very sweet flavor, containing rich anthocyanins. The average soluble solids, total sugar, total acidity and Vc content for ‘CN13’is 13.7%, 10.92%, 0.22% and 10.46mg/100g FW, respectively. Flowers of ‘CN13’ are rose shaped, 5 petals, plenty pollen, 5 pieces and self-pollination. ‘CN13’ has high yield ability , the average fruit weight for 3-years-tree was above 250 g on samples from observational trees in Xingtai, Hebei province. Read more >>

CAAS scientists discover the Immunity to Rice Blast Disease by Suppression of Effector-Triggered Necrosis

Hemibiotrophic pathogens are some of the most destructive plant pathogens, causing huge economic losses and threatening global food security. However, how hemibiotrophic pathogens trigger host necrosis and how plants inhibit the transition from the biotrophic stage to the necrotrophic stage in disease symptom expression are mainly unknown. Recently, the research team led by Wang Guoliang at State Key Laboratory for Biology of Plant Diseases and Insect Pests, Institute of Plant Protection (IPP), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) have published a research paper about mechanism for effector-triggered necrosis (ETN) in hemibiotrophic pathogens by characterizing the target of Magnaporthe oryzae effector.
The rice blast fungus M. oryzae spreads in rice biotrophically early during infection, but this biotrophic stage is followed by a pronounced switch to cell death and lesion formation. Read more >>

International Cooperation Update

CAAS Advances Partnership with CIMMYT and IRRI

Prof. Li Jiayang, Vice Agricultural Minister and President of CAAS, met with Director Generals of CIMMYT and IRRI respectively on August 15-16 in Beijing, at events concurrent with the 7th International Crop Science Congress. CAAS discussed with the said parties on further strengthening bilateral relations in certain research areas, while also signed MoU with IRRI on “Rice Genomics and Germplasm Enhancement”. Vice president of CAAS, Prof. Wu Kongming attended the meetings.
At the meeting with Dr. Martin Kropff, DG of CIMMYT, Li highly valued the collaborative achievements in the past 4 decades. “The collaboration between CAAS and CIMMYT have placed great progress in terms of germplasm exchange, new varieties’ breeding, and capacity building, etc. ” Prof. Li said. Read more >>

The 7th International Crop Science Congress is Successfully Held in Beijing

On August 14–19, the 7th International Crop Science Congress was held in Beijing, China, which was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the Crop Science Society of China, and organized by the Institute of Crop Sciences, CAAS. With the theme of “Crop science-innovation and sustainability”, 2419 delegates from 69 countries of 5 continents gathered together in Beijing and discussed the overall progress of crop science research. The Vice President of the ICSS, Dr. Shawn Kaeppler, and the Vice Minister of Agriculture, President of CAAS, Dr. Jiayang Li delivered opening speeches on behalf of the ICSS and the host country China respectively.
Dr. Shawn Kaeppler expressed his appreciation to the local organizing committee of 7th ICSC, and wished 7th ICSC a complete success. Dr. Jiayang Li presented the current status, constrains and perspectives of agricultural development in China, shared the role of scientific innovation in modern agriculture development in China. Read more >>

Final Progress Reviewing Meeting of EuropeAid Project ‘Rice IPM in the Greater Mekong Sub-region’ is Successfully Held in Beijing

A final progress reviewing meeting was held for the EuropeAid Project (DCI-Food/2010/230-238) ‘Rice IPM in the Greater Mekong Sub-region’ hosted by Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IPP-CAAS) in Beijing during July 5-7, 2016. Experts from EU Delegation to China, China Society of Plant Protection, National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center, Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, and team members from IPP-CAAS and the project partners attended the meeting.
The opening ceremony of the meeting was chaired by Dr. CHEN Julian, professor and director of Department of International Cooperation and Graduates of IPP-CAAS. Read more >>

CAAS-Wageningen UR PhD Candidates Training Programme Kicks Off

On September 6th , the CAAS-Wageningen University and Research PhD candidates training programme kicked off at the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.The programme was approved by the Ministry of Education of China last year. It involves altogether 80 PhD candidates (with 20 per year in average), will start their PhD programme in the coming 4 years at Wageningen UR.
More than 50 representatives from the Graduate School and Wageningen UR attended the meeting, including 19 CAAS-Wageningen UR PhD candidates, their CAAS supervisors, and staff and alumni of Wageningen UR.
“The programme is an outcome of a long term joint effort by both CAAS and Wageningen-UR”, as GSCAAS vice president, professor Luo Changfu said in his welcome speech. Read more >>


38 Foreign Students Graduate This Summer

On 6th July 2016, 38 international students got their tassels turned in the graduation ceremony of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This important academic event was held in the Auditorium of National Agricultural Library of CAAS.
“Learning doesn’t stop after graduation, and it doesn’t stop after finishing Masters or Doctors. It is a process that gives us choices in future”, in a conversation during the ceremony said Eliamoni T. Lyatuu, a native Tanzanian who has just finished his PhD program at the Agricultural Information Institute (AII-CAAS), “the mind becomes open and the curiosity of solving more problems in the agriculture won’t stop as long as the food remains as a necessity for human being”, he added. Read more >>