Dr. Sandui Guo CV

Dr. Sandui Guo
Professor & doctoral supervisor
Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI)
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
Address: NO.12 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing,100081, P.R. China
Phone: +86-10-82106140
Fax: +86-10-82106140

Educational background
GuoSandui, a molecular biologist and a molecular breeding specialist, graduated from Biology Department of Peking University.

Research Area
During 1975-1984, he engaged inmicroorganism molecular genetics research in Institute of Microbiology,ChineseAcademy of Sciences; thereafter he engaged in control and treatment young stock diarrhea K88-K99 genetic engineering vaccine research in Biotechnology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences, from 1984 to 1986; In the year of 1986, he came to France and engaged in the structure and function of insecticidal gene Bt research in Institute Pasteur until 1988; in 1988, he came back and engaged in crop molecular biology and plant molecular design breeding research in biotechnology research institute of Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences until now. He is currently the principal investigator of plant molecular design breeding research center, biotechnology research institute of Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences, professor, doctoral supervisor. He was honoured as a “national young/middle aged expert with outstanding contributions”, and regarded as a special government subsidy beneficiary. He engaged in genetic engineering technology and molecular biology research for thirties years, Guo’s main achievements are listed as the following:
1. Control and treatment young stock diarrhea K88-K99 genetic engineering vaccine research:
For producing high efficiency and safety nontoxic live vaccine, Prof. Guo developed “control and treatment young stock diarrhea K88-K99 bivalent genetic engineering nontoxic live vaccine” successfully by genetic engineeringtechnique, the vaccine had application in production, it brought a great curative effect.
2. Plant protein noncaloric sweetenergenetic engineering research
According to the monellin amino acidsequence of a kind of South Africa nut, using microorganism preference codon, Prof. Guo first developed ‘plant high sweetness single chain fusion sweet protein gene’ successfully by genetic engineering technique in China, which have self-owned intellectual property. The sweet protein sweetness is more 5500 times than sucrose’s. High sweetness noncaloric protein can be produced by fermentation engineering now. It can be used as sweetener for diabetic, obesity and cardiovascular patients, on the other hand, it can be also used to protect tooth and be used for foodstuff and drink additive.
3. Development and commercialization of domestic transgenic insect-resistant cotton
Prof. Guo leaded his research team designed and synthesized Bt insect-resistant gene, Bt+CpTI divalent insect-resistant genes and Bt with CpTI fusion insect-resistant gene which have self-owned intellectual property rights; he Introduced the insect-resistant gene into cotton and first developed transgenic cotton with Bt insect-resistant gene successfully in China and applied it into production; he first developed transgenic cotton with Bt+CpTI divalent insect-resistant gene successfully which have self-owned intellectual property right and applied to production, established the international status of Chinese insect-resistant cotton research; he first developed transgenic cotton with fusion insect-resistant gene which have self-owned intellectual property right, up to now, there is no report all over the world, production test is being done, the result was reaching international leading level.Using these insect-resistant genes and transgenic insect-resistant cotton germplasm, by cooperation, domestic breeding organization cultivated62 high yield and good quality transgenic insect-resistant cotton varieties which passed the national variety certification and over 100 transgenic insect-resistant cotton varieties which passed the province variety certification, realized transgenic insect-resistant cotton industrialization large-scale successfully, because of these, from 1999 to 2007, the planting area of domestic transgenic cotton increased from 7% to about 90%, brokeAmerican monopoly; he first established ‘transgenic three lines insect-resistant hybrid cotton molecular breeding technology system’, this modern high and new-technology system can cultivate superhigh yield and good quality insect-resistant cotton varieties and increase land resources utilization ratio; the technology occupied international leading position, which is another great progress in cotton breeding.At one time, it is the main direction of cotton cross breeding development. Domestic insect-resistant cotton popularized more than ten million ha. in eight years, finally, pesticide consumption decreased seventies million kg, the economic benefitswas about thirty eight billion Yuan, twelve million farmerperson-times were trained, and more than thirty million farmer families benefited from it.

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